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Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy Ayuda

Add user email accounts

As your business grows, your employees might need their own Microsoft 365 email addresses. Add a user in your account to set up a new email address.

  1. Sign in to your Email & Office Dashboard (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Buy More Email. (If you previously deleted a user, you won't be able to use that credit to create a new account until the old one is completely removed, which can take up to a day.)
  3. Your next step depends on the amount and type of available users you have in your account:
    • If you have multiple account types available, choose the Microsoft 365 account type you want to set up, and select Get started.
    • If you have one type of account available, skip this step and continue.
    • If you don't have any available users, buy a new Microsoft 365 account to add users.
  4. Choose the domain you want to use and select Continue. (To set up an email with an external domain, select A domain not in my GoDaddy account and follow the steps to set up your email on an external domain.)

    Note: If you already have Workspace Email set up for your domain, you'll see an Existing Email notice. Select Continue and switch your domain's email service to Microsoft 365.

  5. On the Create new email account page, complete the following:
    User info What to do
    Username Enter a name before the @ symbol.
    First name Enter the user's first name.
    Last name Enter the user's last name.
    Account type Select the type of Microsoft 365 account you want to use. This option only appears when you have different account types available.
    Share contacts and files with Select other domains you want to share email contacts, calendars and files with. Or, select Do not share. This option only appears when you have other domains available, and when you have multiple users to set up.
    Administrator permissions If you've already designated an administrator account, you don't need to create any others unless you want to give those users admin permissions to your Microsoft 365 account. This option only appears when you have multiple users to set up.
    Password Enter a password (or use a temporary password) for this account.
    Send account info to Enter up to 5 email addresses where you'd like user account notifications sent.
  6. Select Create. You’re all done! The email address you provided for notifications will receive an email when your Microsoft 365 account is ready to go.

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